Bill Negotiations

Polls show that citizens of the 51st state are very interested in legalized sports betting. In order to please their constituents, members from both parties in the state legislature hope to enact a sports betting law before Super Bowl LV. Each team will be assigned a stakeholder and two clauses that correspond with that stakeholders interests. At the Summit, teams will have the opportunity to negotiate each of their assigned clauses with other teams that represent different stakeholders and different interests. Once the negotiations are complete, the governor will sign the sports betting bill into law, allowing the citizens of the 51st state to wager in time for the big game.  

Teams will be responsible for gathering as much information as possible about their stakeholder, including how analogous stakeholders have achieved their goals in other jurisdictions. Teams should look to other states and countries that have legalized sports betting in order to determine how they can best negotiate their clauses in favor of their stakeholders.