OpenScholar LogomyPages is a free website building tool available to students, faculty, and staff at the University of New Hampshire.  Powered by the OpenScholar framework, myPages allows easy creation of appealing and functional websites to share research, scholarship, and other information with the UNH community and the public.

This site holds documentation and resources to help users setup and manage their own sites, and it also serves as an example of some of the functionality of the OpenScholar tool. OpenScholar Documentation at Harvard* is the best source of documentation available about the features and functions of OpenScholar.

Personal websites are created by members of the University community acting as individuals rather than as official representatives of the University of New Hampshire.  As such, the myPages service is not to be used as the official website for any UNH college, school, institute, department, or administrative or service unit.

In providing this service, the University does not preview, review or routinely monitor the contents of the personal pages of its faculty, students or staff. Authors of these pages are responsible for complying with all relevant laws and University policies, including copyright. Concerns about materials on these pages should be addressed to the page owner. If that is insufficient to resolve the concerns, the reader should contact the UNH IT Service Desk.

* Note, though, that it is a site designed primarily for users at Harvard so some items especially around how to request sites, accounts, and website standards are Harvard-specific and do not apply to UNH.  Still, if you want info on apps, layouts, settings, taxonomies, and so on, there's lots to search and read.