What is happening to the old Pubpages.unh.edu addresses?

There's three stages to the shutdown of Pubpages and migration of service to myPages:

  1. Through May 2017, you can update and edit your existing Pubpages site.  If you get a myPages site setup before the end of May, you can put a link on your Pubpages site to direct visitors to your new website.
  2. After June 1, Pubpages sites will become read-only.  Visitors can still access your old site, but you cannot change them any more.  If you do setup a new personal site within myPages, you can request that IT replace your Pubpages site with a redirect to the new location.  The read-only Pubpages sites will remain through December 2017.
  3. As of January 2018, Pubpages was shut down completely.  At that time, we started redirecting all requests to pubpages.unh.edu to an informational page about the Pubpages shutdown.  It provides historical information about Pubpages and suggestions for anyone who might be trying to locate content that was on an old Pubpages site.