Major update to myPages

October 4, 2018

Academic Technology completed our first major update to myPages this morning.  This update includes many improvements within the OpenScholar framework that underlies myPages.  In addition, our own staff have made some enhancements to meet UNH-specific needs.  We do plan to get on a sequence where we are updating the myPages service more often, at least once a semester, to provide continued improvements, maintain the system security, and better meet the needs of our users.

UNH-specific improvements

Overall OpenScholar improvements

  • New screen for enabling/disabling apps
  • Easier access to OpenScholar documentation
  • Fixes for the calendar display
  • Enhancements to automatically generated email messages
  • Improvements to media handling and embedding
  • Improved formatting of publication listings
  • Updates to the underlying Drupal core
  • Minor theme enhancements
  • Various security and bug fixes