Pubpages has been retired

Starting in at least 1996, and maybe earlier, the University of New Hampshire has had a service to allow students, faculty, and staff to have a personal home page.  Pubpages was the home of many a student homework assignment along with personal sites from faculty and staff about their research work, teaching, and personal interests.

In 2017, UNH shutdown the Pubpages service, first going through a period of freezing all existing sites as read-only from June through December.  At the end of December 2017, all Pubpages addresses were permanently redirected to this webpage to help any remaining visitors following old links to URLs.

UNH now has a new service for faculty, staff, and students to make personal webistes using a modern content management system.  That system is known as myPages and is avaialble at  Many faculty and staff who had old Pubpages sites now have new ones in myPages.  There is not any definitive list, though, to map from the old site names to the new ones.  Still, if you wound up here looking for something specific, you might still be able to find it by checking the sites within myPages.

You browse and search a list of all current myPages sites to see if you can find what you are looking for.

The myPages sites are also indexed by Google and other search services so just searching for a specific resource, by name or description that you used to access via Pubpages, might get you to what you need.

Lastly, if you want to give it a try, the Internet Archive does have some Pubpages sites within their content collection that can be accessed via the Wayback Machine.  The Internet Archive also has recorded many of the original front pages of the Pubpages service for those interested in more about the history of this service.