Welcome to the UNH Agroecology Lab!

Our lab group focuses on the interface between agriculture and plant community and ecosystem ecology.  Our interests include weed ecology and management, the role of diversity in agroecosystem function, plant invasions, community assembly theory, trophic interactions, and implications of land-use and climate change. 

The overall goal of our research is to better understand the ecological interactions that underpin agricultural production systems so as to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture.

We  conduct our research in collaboration with the UNH community, growers, and researchers from other institutions.  Much of our work is located at New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station research facilities and partner farms in NH, ME, VT, and NY.

  • sampling quadrat on the ground

    Sampling for a weed emergence study

    Weekly sampling lets us see patterns of weed germination throughout the season and how this is affected by management practices.

  • lab meeting over Zoom

    Weekly lab meeting while social distancing

    Working remotely doesn't mean we can't collaborate and support one another!

  • mustard field

    Kingman Research Farm

    Most of our field experiments take place at New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station farms.

  • greenhouse experiment

    Competition experiment in the Macfarlane Research Greenhouses

  • roller-crimping rye

    Roller-crimping a cover crop at the Woodman Research Farm