What is Alpha Chi Sigma?

AXSAlpha Chi Sigma is the only Professional Chemistry Fraternity.

Since its inception in 1902, it has brought together men and women in many chemistry-related fields. The foundation of the fraternity lies in the Three Objects, which are:

  1. To bind its members with a tie of true and lasting friendship.
  2. To strive for the advancement of chemistry both as a science and as a profession.
  3. To aid its members by every honorable means in the attainment of their ambitions as chemists throughout their mortal lives.

A professional fraternity combines the best aspects of professional and fraternal organizations. Members of Alpha Chi Sigma share common business interests and are linked by membership to key figures in the industrial and scientific world. At the same time, members are bonded through friendship and fraternal ideals, as seen in the objects of the fraternity. It's no wonder that when you ask most people why they joined, they tell you it's for the contacts and for the friendship.


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Mu Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity

Mu Chapter in 1912Mu Chapter was originally chartered on April 3rd, 1911 at New Hampshire College, now known as the University of New Hampshire.

After a period of inactivity Mu Chapter was revitalized, and then re-chartered in August of 2002.

Since reactivation we have begun building the chapter, and now have 29 classes and have initiated over 200 members, including a number of faculty members.