Alynna J. Lyon is originally from northern New Mexico.  Her research focuses on international organizations, the United Nations, US foreign policy and peacekeeping.  She attended New Mexico State University (B.A and M.A.) and University of South Carolina (Ph.D.) She is Professor of Political Science at the University of New Hampshire.  Professor Lyon is the author of US Politics and the United Nations (Lynne Rienner, 2016), is co-author of The United Nations: 75 Years of Promoting Peace, Human Rights and Development (ABC-CLIO 2020, with Kent Kille) The United Nations in the 21 Century 5th ed. (Westview, 2016) with Karen Mingst and Margaret Karns, and co-editor of two books, Pope Francis as a Global Actor: Where Politics and Theology Meet (Palgrave 2018) and Religion and Politics in a Global Society She is past chair of the International Organization section of the International Studies Association (2016-2018) and is a Faculty Fellow for the Office of Senior Vice Provost, Engagement and Academic Outreach.  She is  co-Editor-in-Chief for Global Governance and has served as Faculty Advisor for UNH Model United Nations since 2003.



  • MUN 2013
  • Lyon books
  • CFR Aprtil 2017
  • UNH MUN Awards Galapagos 2018