Amy Keesee received her B.S. in Mathematics from Davidson College in 2000. She received her Ph.D. in Plasma Physics in 2006 from West Virginia University where she studied laboratory plasma physics with an emphasis on laser-based diagnostics. After receiving her Ph.D., she stayed at WVU but switched focus to magnetospheric physics as a postdoc. She became a research professor in 2010. Dr. Keesee joined UNH in 2018. She studies ion dynamics in the magnetosphere, focusing on the plasma sheet and magnetotail regions, especially during magnetospheric storms and substorms. She also works on instrument development, including a next generation plasma spectrometer for space and laboratory measurements.

RCA Interview

Dr. Keesee was interviewed during the Media Training Workshop as a part of the UNH Research Communication Academy. She gives a brief overview of her research and the impact of space weather.