Key to Success

What it takes to be a successful leader:

  • Communication is key! This can’t be stressed enough

  • Organization skills will set you up for success

  • Get to know your committee, be personable, find things in common

  • Understand that some may not have any experience in this field, be sure to inform them on all points of this project

  • Discuss the importance and meaning of a “Horse Trials”, therefore they can understand their jobs better

  • Be present in and out of group meetings - respond promptly to their questions

  • As a leader it is essential to know what you are doing, go to Liz with any questions you may have



  • Initiate a group meeting by sending out a group email to all committee members; be sure to add all committee chairs and their contact information

  • Be inviting! This doesn’t have to be too serious, sound encouraging and upbeat when emailing/texting your committee members so they know you are approachable

  • In the first group meeting, introduce yourself and know each committee member's name- this will make organization easier

    • Give them a rundown of their committee jobs and a tour of where materials will be

  • It is important to have more than one group meeting, some members will not be able to attend every meeting to make sure you meet with everyone at LEAST once

  • Your committee should be aware that they are to text you or email you with any question or gray area they may have 

  • Communicate days and times you are available to meet so that you can schedule meet up times

  • Set up a group me for easy group communication



  • Committee leaders have found Google Drive and Google Docs are good ways to stay organized, you can share these with your group members as well

  • Spreadsheets can also be useful if you and your committee are familiar with them

  • Set up a time frame for each task your committee needs to fulfill, this will keep the committee in tune and on time for when you need to move on to the next task

  • Make a task list! It will be helpful to add materials needed and where they can be found

  • Create a “sign in” sheet so your committee can keep track of the hours they are putting in

  •  Be sure that your committee members are updating you and the rest of the team on what they have accomplished as soon as they are done- This can limit areas of confusion and can allow you and other members to keep track of what is still needing to be finished

  • Send photos if needed, a picture can speak a thousand words!