Awards and Ribbons

  • You are in charge of the ribbons and awards!

  • Within the first week of having your committee you should be organizing the ribbons

  • You will also be handing them out on the day of the event


How to Organize the Ribbons:

  1. There are boxes in the back if the LHC apartment

    1. There should be a few boxes labeled “UNH Horse Trials”, find the box with the ribbons for 1-8th place 

  2. Organize the ribbons into sets

    1. There are cardboard holders

    2. Each division will essentially get two cardboard holders

      1. One set 1-4th (Blue, Yellow, White)

      2. Second set 5th-8th (Pink, Green, Purple, Brown

  3. Place all sets in a box that can be easily found the next time you need the ribbons


Week of the Horse Trials:

  • Come back to the organized ribbons, this is the time you will need to straighten the ribbons

  • There is a straightener in the apartment 

  • Make sure you have enough sets of ribbons for each division and place them into boxes separated by Saturday and Sunday

    • Once Liz posts the start times on the start box, there will be a list of the divisions running as well!


Organizing Special Awards:

  • Some of these are ribbons while others are neck ribbons! Make sure you have the appropriate amount listed below and keep them organized

    • Straighten the ribbons at the same time you straighten all of the others


Number of Each Special Award:


Thoroughbred Incentive Program:

  • Two High Point Ribbons 

  • Two prizes for the High Point

  • Two Reserved High Point Ribbons


Connemara Champion:

  • One Champion Ribbon


Pony Club:

  • One lowest scoring Pony Clubber Neck Ribbon

  • One second lowest scoring Pony Clubber Neck Ribbon


UNH Student/Graduate:

  • One lowest scoring UNH Neck Ribbon


*Note which ones are Fall and Spring*


Assigning Prizes:

  • In the back of the apartment, there is a blue bin that has some awards you can hand out to special winners

  • Sometimes you get donations for prizes, other times you may need to be creative

  • These prizes go to the Special Awards that already do not have prizes

    • Pony Club

    • Connemara Champion

    • UNH Alumni/Grad

Some Tips:

  • Consider the breed of the horse in the award

    • We picked a smaller pad for the connemara award because they are pony size

  • Consider the age group

  • Is there something that relates to the award?

    • UNH award - UNH student

Set Up:

  • Should be efficient and as organized as possible
  • Use up all the space you can
  • You should know which ribbons are for which division
  • The organization should be clear with the entire committee