Cross Country Committee


Initial Information: 

  • Make sure the entire committee is familiar with the course, take a group walk

  • Mark prominent landmarks *SEE RESOURCES FOR PHOTOS

    • The bridge

    • The emergency trail (to the left after the bridge)

    • Gables trail to Fort Briggs (to the right after the bridge)

    • Old shed (to the right of the emergency trail)

    • The inbetween field (follow the emergency trail to the left, there will be a grass field)

    • The water complex (follow the dirt path to the left of the inbetween field)

    • Saw Mill Road (the oath after the water complex that leads to Hort Farm)

    • Pass through marsh field (to the left of the water complex) 

  • Have a run through of all XC tasks with the committee and give an estimated timeline of when they should be completed- there is a lot to do!

  • Show the committee all of the supplies found in the basement of the LHC

  • Committee chairs are allowed to use the Gator to drive out to the XC course ONLY



  • Most important task!

  • Explain the importance to your committee - horse and rider safety

  • Rakes are found in the basement of the LHC

  • All committee members are to take part in raking unless it is passed by their instructors 

    • They can acquire lots of hours raking to make sure there is a sign in chart posted clearly 

    • Explain that they can go out on their own to rake outside of group meetings - enforce this!

    • Encourage them! This is a hard task

    • As committee chair, you may also rake and update the team on areas that are completed

  • All paths including take off and landings should be cleared


Paint and Stain:

  • Supply pictures/descriptions of each jump that will be used so the committee is aware of what needs to be touched up or stained

  • Paints, stains, and brushes are found in the basement of the LHC

  • Paint brushes are to be washed out thoroughly, this can happen at the wash stalls- not in the sink!

  • The jumps should look clean and professional by the time of the show

    • There is a leaf blower and weed whacker in the basement of the LHC, these should be used by committee chairs ONLY 


Staking and Roping:

  • The primary place for staking and roping is Hort Farm

  • Someone in charge, likely Liz, will show the chairs what arenas need to be roped off

  • These areas include plant materials belonging to the farm, so this is important to get right

  • Make sure the stakes and rope are secure in the ground, strong winds can knock them down so double check them before the day of the show

  • While staking and roping Hort Farm, you will see a few large holes that will NEED to be covered with hay bales

    • Most holes have red and white sticks in them and will all need to be covered up- this is important!!


Start Box:

  • Before entering the course at the bridge, take a left at the big tree and follow the path all the way down

  • You will find the brown start box

  • Make sure this start box is labeled and flagged with red and white flags

    • Red=Right

  • Make sure directional signs are clear because this is where the riders will start their cross country course


Warm up:

  • XC warm up will take place by the dressage rings in the ring farthest down

  • There will need to be one cross rail, one vertical, and one oxer

  • These jumps will need to be flagged so that they are jumped in one direction only

  • Discuss with Liz whether or not that ring will be used for dressage tests

    • If so, you will need a few committee members to load a truck with standards and poles and stay on sight

    • Once the last rider completes their dressage test, the warm up jumps will need to be set up

    • If not, the committee will need to set up XC warm up the Friday before the horse trials

Team Duties

  • Emails will go out with positions for committee members for the day of the show

  • If you are given courier, you will need to schedule a time to meet with Sarah Rigg to run through the job

  • Other jobs include fence judge and warm up, which will be explained on site

  • As committee chair, you have the option to assign members certain paths and jumps to be responsible for during prep

    • If you choose not to assign duties, make sure you are going out on the course frequently and keeping the team up to date on the progress

    • Make sure no one is confused and directions are clear! Communication is key