Materials for Dressage Rings:

  • Large arena: 

    • Used for Preliminary level

    • 60 X 20 meters

    • Made of 4-meter planks, 39 of them will be needed

    • 40 blocks will be needed for the 4-meter planks, including 4 corner blocks

  • Small arena:

    • 40 X 20 meters

    • Made of 2-meter planks, 58 of them will be needed

    • 78 blocks will be needed for the 2-meter planks, 4 of them will be corner blocks

  • Letters

    • Large arena will use 12 letters in total (A, F, P, B, R, M, C, H, S, E, V, K)

    • Small arena will use 8 letters in total ( A, F, B, M, C, H, E, K)

  • Flagging tape

  • Measuring tape

  • Mallets/ Hammers

  • Brooms

  • 2 chairs per each judge’s booth

  • 2 hanging flower baskets per judge’s booth

  • Black mulch

  • Decor flowers-placed in each of the corners outside of each arena 

  • Straightening tool

  • Signage (ring numbers, sound design, directionals, etc.) 


Ring Set Up:

  • Rings need to be set up the day after they are dragged (Email barn management to find out when this is happening)

    • You will need the committee to do this

  • Make sure all rails are touching in the center of the connectors or they will not fit

  • Once all rails and connectors are set up, use the straightening string to make sure all sides of the rings are straight

    • Have 1 person hold one end of the string while another walks to the opposite corner of the ring and hold the string tight

    • Have a third person move each connector as needed to straighten out the sides of the ring WHILE the string is still tight

  • One ring should be made larger for preliminary level if needed 

    • R,S,V,P will need to be added to the lettering of this ring

Staking and Roping:


There are red pen marks where there needs to be roping, see Liz for any questions

Warm Up:




  • This will occur the day before the show

  • 5 flower vases per ring and one hanging basket per judges booth

  • Flowers are found in the basement of the LHC

    • Match the colors (you want the rings to look professional and clean)

    • Rearrange and add flowers accordingly

  • Place one vase at C, one at B, one at E, and two at A

  • Place one hanging basket on the left side of each judges booth that will be used

  • Each booth should also have two chairs for the judges and scribes

  • Bring two sets of letters to the rings, each letter is to be placed 20 inches from the rail

    • A is placed further back to let horse and rider enter and exit the ring


Breakdown of the Rings:

  • Have a farm truck on standby as soon as the last test is ridden

  • Make little piles of rails

    • One member should drive to the piles and others should load them on the back

  • Bring in and set rails in the basement of the LHC in an organized fashion

    • You may need multiple trips to and from

    • Letters are included in the breakdown

  • Once this is finished, return the truck (clean and organized) so that XC committee can use it to breakdown their course at the end of the day



  • One ring steward per ring

    • Check in riders, answer questions, keep the show running on time

  • Scorers

    • Calculated score of test and put them into the computer

  • Two scribes

    • One for each judge

  • Runner

    • Take tests from the judges and bring them to the scorers

  • Secretarial assistant

    • Help Liz with jobs during dressage phase of the show