Welcome to UNH Anthropology

Hello Students, Alumni, and Faculty!

Welcome to the University of New Hampshire's Anthropology Department MyPages! As a department we felt it would be a great idea to come together in a space that students, alumni, and faculty can view research that students and professors have colaborated on, spotlight articles on our superstar majors, as well as events and opportunities hosted by us and others on campus. 

In addition to posting updates on research, events, and opportunities we have created a blog, From the Hallways of Anthropology. Before the start of the ongoing pandemic, our department offices and hallways were teeming with students and faculty. Students would study, work, and hangout in the copy room. Professors and students passing in the hallways talking and discussing their accomplsihments, research, classes, opportunities with field schools and internships. The third floor of Huddleston Hall was everything except quiet. We decided that we wanted to bring that feeling, the sense of belonging BACK (virtually) to the Anthropology Department. The blog will feature student and professor accomplishments, research, and news updates as well posts from our students. 

Our students explore the unity and diversity of human experience. Through courses that cover a wide range of societies throughout the world, we investigate the human condition, past and present. Introductory courses provide an overview of the fields of anthropology: social and cultural anthropology, archaeology, physical anthropology, and linguistics. More advanced courses provide the opportunity for students to pursue intensive study of particular topics in cross-cultural perspective. The department emphasizes critical thinking and writing skills and encourages close faculty/student contact in seminar courses at the upper level. Students have the opportunity to take courses in other departments that complement specific foci in anthropology.

We're excited to bring everyone together in this space! Check back regularly for updates. 

- Anthropology Department Administrator, Emerson Doiron 

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