The UNH archery club is part of the Hamel Recreation Center and welcomes students, staff and faculty to join in the zen and art of flinging arrows.  The club has all the  equipment necessary to enjoy the sport of archery and welcomes all levels of archers from neophytes to experts.  We meet twice per week for 2- to 2 1/2 hrs times TBD each semester generally in the evenings.  You can also visit our Facebook page.

The club organization consists of club Captains who manage the day to day operation of the club and a L2 archery coach to instruct beginners and help more advanced archers.

Archers are welcome to use their own equipment subject to inspection and approval of the captains and/ or coach.  Only bows of 60# or less are allowed and only arrows with field or target tips- no exceptions.

Philosophy- Archery is or can be a life time sport.  One that you, your friends, your family can all participate in at the same time. Within some limits it can be done in your back yard or at archery clubs.  You can compete in leagues if you like, shoot just for fun or shoot 3D foam targets in the woods.  Archery is a great exercise for building up strength in your shoulders and back muscles.  It is a great stress reliever as well as a means to develop great reflection/inner mindfulness, concentration skills and muscle coordination.  In essence archery is the zen and art of flinging arrows, and learning to become the arrow. It is a ballet, a pas d’ cinq (archer,  bow, an arrow, a moment in time and a result).
     We will teach:
    1. The parts of the compound and recurve bow, bow set up and take down.
    2.  The basics of compound, Olympic, recurve, and barebow archery in the most efficient and reliable way to shoot. If you want to compete we will help you towards that goal but if you just want      to  learn to shoot and have fun flinging arrows we will help you with that as well.

We teach and focus on the B.E.S.T. method of shooting arrows.  B= Biomechanically, E= Efficient, S= Shooting, T= Technique.

In our club we expect strict adherence to safety rules- see Range Rules.  We also expect club members to help the captains set up and take down the range before and after practice as well as transporting and putting away the archery equipment.

Welcome and please come join us- for more information contact:  Wayne.  wrf@unh.edu