1.   Stance.
2.   Nock arrow.
3    Grip and hook.
4.   Set bow hand.
5.   Adjust posture.
6.   Raise bow- parallel to ground.
7.   Draw to anchor.
8.   Rotate DRAW elbow back in line with arrow or a bit higher-Transfer tension to back/align shoulders -- if done correctly this will lessen the load on the draw arm.  It is a small movement and it should also be a time of reduced distraction.
9.   now Aim by aligning the back and front of the arrow and shaft with the target and pause/settle.
10.  stare intently at exactly where you want the arrow to strike, slight push of bow SHOULDER TOWARDS THat spot, EFFECT AN UNANTICIPATED  release (bow string slips through the fingers)- the draw hand should move straight back not off to the side.
11. Follow through -till the arrow hits the target- no bow hand movment.
12. Analysis of shot and why it went where it did.
13. Adjust.