The National Science Foundation has designated "Navigating the New Arctic" as among the "10 Big Ideas for Future NSF Investments" for the coming decades, one of six research areas requiring a cross-disciplinary approach to address critical societal challenges. The University of New Hampshire is well known internationally for its long-term, pioneering fieldwork throughout the Arctic and is well positioned to become a leader in interdisciplinary pan-Arctic research and education. The Fall 2017 Arctic Seminar Series is the first of several initiatives designed to develop an innovative strategy for future interdisciplinary Arctic research and education at UNH.   

The main goals of this Arctic Seminar Series are to:

  • Increase awareness about Arctic change. 
  • Identify how expertise at UNH can uniquely enhance Arctic research.
  • Cultivate ideas for future high-impact interdisciplinary research at UNH to identify and solve issues facing humanity from Arctic change.


The Arctic Seminar Series is sponsored by the UNH Research Office through the Collaborative Research Excellence (CoRE) Initiative.