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The use of assistive technology (AT) in telehealth has become a necessary component of treatment, as many individuals utilize devices to assist in functioning for everyday living. Telehealth is an ‘umbrella term’ used to describe the vast interfaces available for remote communication between providers and patients. AT refers to tools that individuals manipulate to aid with daily functioning, independence, and safety. Research focuses on the practical uses and potential benefits discovered when AT is combined with modes of telehealth. Ethical concerns should be considered when providing telehealth in combination with AT, due to a code of ethics found in many disciplines that outline appropriate practices for professionals to follow. Future research is warranted to strengthen patient outcomes and overall quality of life. Assistive technology in combination with telehealth has made significant advancements, and evidence for its use can only strengthen as future research is conducted. It is essential to consider the various populations across the lifespan that are involved with the incorporation of AT in telehealth throughout various disciplines of healthcare.


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