"Look deep into nature,

                    and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein



As far back as I can remember, I have always found peace in the environment around me. I grew up in a New England town which brought opportunities to connect with nature that others may not have had. I took advantage of these opportunities and experienced the world around me through various activities. Each activity, whether it be snowboarding, hiking, fishing, or even outdoor reading, has made me appreciate how beautiful this world is. Our earth is so delicate, and each aspect of it works in harmony with one another. As I grew up, I realized how corrupt this world is, and how little people appreciate what our earth gives us. This only made me more determined to protect this world, and conserve it for future generations so they can share the same experiences I had. By majoring in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, I will be able to use my knowledge to bridge the gap between corporations and the environment. As I said before, everything in nature works in harmony, and I strongly believe large corporations can remain in harmony with the environment by practicing sustainability.

Given the opportunity we have in my English 503 class, I decided to mold my website around business and the environment. I want my various pages to reflect a certain degree of business etiquette, while remaining true to my original cause of sustainability. As you scroll through my different pages, you will find a variety of links that show off my work done in English 503, as well as some work from other courses I have taken. Along with these documents, I have sprinkled in aspects to my site that reflect my sustainable views. I am hoping after you view this site, you will realize that the businesses world and the natural world can coexist.