American Robin (Turdus migratorius)


Identification: The American Robin are a large round-bellied thrush, males have a dark head, yellow bill, black streaks on the throat, and rusty belly. Eats berries in the winter, some individual not easily separated by sex. Robbins are fairly large songbirds.


Habitat: During winter many robins move to moist woods where berry- producing trees and shrubs are common. One can spot them on lawns, fields, and city parks.


Overview: American Robins are common birds across the continent. One can easily spot these birds in fields, city parks, and woodlands and forest. Robins tend to eat invertebrates and fruit. Robins like to nest on horizontal branches and in some gutters and light fixtures, on the ground on buildings or cliffs. Females like to nest from the inside out. Robins lay a clutch about 3-5 eggs and have 1-3 broods.


Time of year: Feb, March, May, June


Fun fact: Western populations are often paler than eastern populations and have almost no white at the tail corners.