Black-Capped Chickadee ( Poecile atricapillus)

Identification: The black-capped chickadee have oversized round head, with a tiny body, with a short bill. The chickadee has black-cap and white cheeks with a whitish underside. It is thicker than a warbler but is thinner than a finch.


Habitat: Usually found habitat is trees it has been found recently in College Woods.


Overview: In the winter Black-capped chickadees eat about half-seeds, berries, and other plant, after and half animal food. In the spring summer, fall, they feed on insects, spiders, and other animal food make 80-90% of their diet. They peck a hole in the shell, and then chip out and eat tiny bits of seed while expanding the hole. Chickadees are active and social creatures that live in flocks. Chickadee usually have a clutch 1-13 eggs.


Time of year: Feb, March, April, May June


Fun fact: Chickadees are able to replace old neurons with new ones. This essentially wipes out old memories and gives the birds more space to store new information.