Common Garter Snake*

Common garter snake* Thamnophis sirtalis

Garter snakegarter snakegarter snakegarter snake

Identification: The common garter snake is, on average, between 18 and 26 inches long. This snake’s typical color pattern is 2 or, more commonly, 3 brown, yellow, or green stripes running vertically down a dark body. Some will have a checkered pattern and be red or gray in color. They have a white or light-yellow belly.

Habitat: This snake can be found in a variety of environments, such as woodlands, hillsides, wetlands, backyards, and urban areas. They prefer moist and grassy environments and are most often found near water. They usually have some object for cover, including rocks, logs, stumps, and other debris, including trash piles and sheet metal.

Other: Garter snakes are among the most common snakes in North America and are not dangerous to humans.