Cooper’s Hawk (Accipiter cooperii)

Identification: The Cooper’s Hawk is a common woodland hawk that tear through cluttered tree. These hawks have a long tail with a blueish-gray upper parts weigh a contrasting black cap and red eyes. The underparts are pale with dense reddish barring, the bill is fairly small and strongly hooked.


Habitat: The wood habitats is a common place to find them, which is why one can see them in the middle College Woods. It likes to nest in the coniferous woods in tall trees.


Overview: The Cooper’s hawk sharp-shinned hawk and crow sized, however the males can be much smaller. Cooper’s Hawk usually feed on smaller birds and small mammals. They usually migrate during the fall, which is probably one can see them around April.


Time of year: April


Fun fact: Cooper’s hawks are now the third most common patient admitted to the clinic, with over 100 seen annually.