Largemouth Bass

Scientific name: Micropterus salmoides

Identification: Largemouth bass are freshwater, medium-sized fish that are about 15.7 inches on average. They are dark green in color with a large band going down the side, and their undersides are a pale green to yellow color. Largemouth bass have a nearly divided dorsal fin, with the front portion having nine spines and the back portion having twelve rays.

Habitat: Largemouth bass live in clear, vegetated water bodies. Adults prefer areas with vegitative growth to use as cover for predatory actions, while young largemouth will use those areas as an escape from predators.

Overview: Brook trout are top predators in riverine ecosystems and will feed on other fish, crawfish, and a number of smaller aquatic organisms. They generally reach maturity at about a year old and live to be about 16 years old on average.


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