Northern Brown Snake

Northern brown snake Storeria dekayi

brown snakebrown snake

Identification: The northern brown snake is, on average, between 10 and 14 inches long, but is usually on the shorter side. They have varying colors ranging from light to dark brown. They have two parallel rows of dark spots running down the top of their bodies with lighter colors in between. The belly is light brown to white.

Habitat: This snake is found in urban and rural areas. They use woody debris, rocks, and trash piles for cover. They are found in vacant lots, parks, woodlands, fields, and marshes. They will not be found at high elevations in mountains.

Other: The northern brown snake is killed in many suburban areas after being mistaken for a copperhead snake, however, copperheads have hourglass-shaped bands and bright yellow tail tips (and are not found in New Hampshire). The northern brown snake is the most abundant snake found in urbanized habitats.