Pine Warbler (Setophaga pinus)

Pine warbler 


Identification: These yellowish warblers are common in pine forest. If you don’t see these little guys it probably that you will hear them. Since College woods has a lot of pine trees along with other types of trees it is not surprise that people have spotted them.


Habitat: Pine warblers aren’t particularly specific on the type of pine they see. During migration Pine Warblers sometimes use shrubs and deciduous trees.


Overview: Pine warblers like to eat mostly caterpillars and other Arthpods, they can also eat fruit and seeds during the colder months. They like to hop along branches. When building their nest Pine warblers like to pick pine trees high a normal clutch size for a Pine warblers is 3-5 eggs and having about 1-2 broods.


Time of year: April and May


Fun fact: Pine warbler’s closest relative is the Olive-capped warbler which lives in pine forest on the West Indies.