Red Fox

Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

Red FoxRed Fox Pup


Red foxes are medium-sized members of the canine family. Their fur color can vary from pale yellow-ish to deep red. These foxes have black legs, a black nose, and a white tip on their bushy tail.



Red foxes are the most widely distributed member of the canine family. They live throughout the entire Northern Hemisphere, and can thrive in many different habitat types. They can be found in forests, tundras, prairies, and deserts, as well as in urban and suburban areas.


Red foxes are omnivores and will consume a wide variety of foods. They will hunt small mammals and birds, eat insects, and consume unattended bird eggs. Though they prefer fresh meat, they are also known to eat carrion when it is available. Red foxes will also eat seeds, fruits, and berries. They will cache surplus food in their dens. Adult foxes do not have many natural predators.

Female red foxes have one litter of young per year, with an average of 5 or 6 pups per litter. Red foxes tend to be monogamous, and the female’s mate will often help her raise the pups. The pups are born in the early spring. They are weaned after twelve weeks, and disperse at about 7 months old. Red foxes usually live for about 5 years.

Fun Fact: Red foxes have extremely developed senses of hearing, and can hear a mouse from over 100 feet away!


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