Redfin Pickerel

Scientific name: Esox americanus americanus

Identification: Redfin pickerel are the smallest of the pike family at about 7.5 inches on average. These freshwater fish are yellowish green in color and have darker vertical bars on their sides. They also have distinct reddish fins, a black bar beneath the eyes, and a blunt snout.

Habitat: Redfin pickerel live in vegetated backwaters of smaller streams, as they prefer to use the vegetation as cover. Their range extends from New Hampshire down to Florida, but there are a few small populations in Maine.

Overview: Redfin pickerel are a species of concern in New Hampshire, meaning that the populations are relatively stable but are slowly declining. Their populations are limited to the southeastern corner of New Hampshire, since habitat degradation due to development has pushed them out of other riverine systems.


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