Tufted titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)

Tufted titmouse (Baeolophus bicolor)

Identification: little gray bird with an echoing voice, it has large black eyes and a small round bill and brushy chest that help aid these birds get through canopies and help aid hang from twig-ends.

Habitat: One can easily see a titmouse in low elevations.


Overview: The tufted titmouse, likes to feed on sunflower seeds that are usually in bird feeders. The tufted titmouse build their nest in cavities. The Tufted titmouse use natural holes and old nest holes made by several woodpecker species. The clutch size is about 3-9 eggs and have about 1 brood.


Time of year: It has been sited in College Woods, around Feb, march, mainly in May and sometimes in June.


Fun fact: The titmouse hoards food in fall and winter and their behavior shares many relative including chickadees and tits. The tufted titmice like to nest in holes in trees and boxes.


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