Are you interested in Minoring in Brewing? Read this first!

The brewing minor consists of 5 courses: 3 brewing courses and 2 electives.  You can see all the courses and elective lists at the COLSA website (see link on the right side of this page). 

SAFS 415: Intro to Brewing is offered in the fall only course, and is the prereq to take the other two brewing courses

SAFS 515: Technical Brewing  is offered in Spring only, and you must be 21 (This is a hands on brewing course)

SAFS 517: Advanced Brewing is offered in Fall only, this is a lecture/lab course 


The most frequent question I get, is "Can I take the Intro lecture course if I'm not doing the whole minor?" Yes, you absolutly can take just the lecture course. But you can only get the "minor in brewing" designation on your transcript if you take all 5 courses. Since they are not all offered each semester, this requires some planning. The easist path is to take SAFS 415 in the fall, 515 in the spring, and 517 the following fall. However, if you are not 21 you cannot take SAFS 515, in that case you would take SAFS 415 in the fall, 517 the follwing fall, and 515 in the spring when you are 21.

You cannot take SAFS 415 and 517 at the same time. It will take a minuimum of 3 semesters to complete a brewing minor.


Some Highlights from the UNH brewing program:

First Brew Day for SAFS 515!

Yeast Counts and Viability

Trip to Stoneface abd Thorwback Breweries     Throwback Brewery tripStoneface Brewery Visit

Aside from learning the entire brewing process from growing ingredients to packaging the final product, SAFS-415 "Into to Brewing Art and Science" was fortunate to have heard from many local leaders in the brewing industry including Tod Mott, Pete  Beauregard, Andrea Stanley, and Ian Goring. 

Pete, Owner of Stoneface Brewery explaining how they came up with their company name

Pete, Owner of Stoneface Brewery, talking about how he developed his company identity and logo.

Tod Mott, creater of Harpoon IPA, Kate the Great, and Now owner of Tributary Brewery taked to us about his extensive history in

Tod Mott, Owner and Head Brewer of Tributary Brewery, told us about his long history in brewing, including developing the Harpoon IPA and Kate the Great beers.












Andrea Stanley, Owner and Maltser of Valley Malt told us her reasoning behind starting one of the first small malthouses in the country since Prohibition as well as the challenges she faced.


We also toured 7th Settlement Brewery in Dover as well as took a trip to the Anheuser-Busch Facility in Merrimack, NH.....

Tour of the Merrimack Budweiser facility

Brewers at the Merrimack facility talked about parts of brewing that are unique to their company

Sensory session where we learned about water sensory as well as high gravity brewing.


NH Craft Brewing Conference

UNH also hosted the New Hampshire Craft Brewers Conference this fall. 8 of the intro students volunteered for the event and were able to hear from experts in the brewing industry including Mitch Steele.

Here are some highlights of the event, including a few shots of brewing students helping out: