2013-Present: University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, Doctoral Program, Physics, Marc R. Lessard, Advisor

2004-2008: United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO, B.S., Physics


2013-Present, Doctoral Candidate, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH

  • Morphological image analysis of black aurora and pulsating aurora in the ionosphere
  • Ground-based ELF search-coil magnetometer experience, hardware & data analysis
    • Statistical and geometrical analysis of ELF whistlers in a sunlit ionosphere
    • Development of magnetometer system and field installation in Antarctica
  • Coordinated experiment with Poker Flat ISR (R. Varney, SRI) and all-sky imagers to observe ion outflow associated with pulsating aurora
  • End-to-end involvement with the RENU 2 sounding rocket mission
    • Built low-light, de-spun, rocket-borne imager for auroral observations
    • Oversaw integration of five UNH-built instruments with NASA payload at Wallops Flight Facility, managed pre-flight integration of UNH payload at launch site in Norway, and assisted science team during the launch campaign
    • Built, tested, and calibrated UV Photometer spare unit for analysis of flight results; worked with Dr. Supriya Chakrabarti and Dr. Tim Cook at UMass Lowell for calibration
    • Collaborated with Dr. Ken Dymond, NRL, for analysis of RENU 2 data correlated with a tomographic reconstruction of DMSP SSULI observation

2011-2013, Program Scientist, Space and Missile Systems Center, Los Angeles AFB, CA

  • Managed cost, schedule, and technical performance for DoD space technology programs
    • Space Weather Analysis and Forecast System (SWAFS)
    • TriG (Tri-GNSS) GNSS Radio-occultation System (TGRS) for COSMIC-2
  • Managed large teams of internal management support, comprised of government civil servants and Aerospace technical experts
  • Successfully guided TGRS through CDR-level review.

2008-2011, Space Chemistry Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory, Hanscom AFB, MA

  • Laboratory investigation of ionic liquids for use as propellant in electrospray ion propulsion systems, included extensive use of vacuum systems for testing
  • Spectroscopic analysis of Xenon-fueled Hall Thrusters; worked with local industry (Busek, Inc.) to determine the efficiency of the instruments and system degradation


2014 UNH Summer Teaching Assistant Fellowship

2014 UNH Physics Department Harper Fellowship

2017 Outstanding Student Speaker NEROC Symposium


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2. Fritz, B. A., Heavisides, J., Young, M. A., Kim, H., & Lessard, M. (2018). ELF whistler dependence on a sunlit ionosphere. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 123. DOI:10.1029/2017JA024912

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