Exercises- Try it out!

Hey Writers! Think you're ready to become an author or have what it takes to be an editor? Try out these exercises and transform from student to master! 

Exercise #1: Creating Effective Descriptions: Try and guess what it is I'm describing and then create your own description and test it on friends!

"... Spread a solemn purple, burning with light of red jewel and furnace-flame at one point, on one hill-peak, and extending high and wide, soft and still softer, over half of heaven. The east had its own charm of fine deep blue, and its own modest gem, a rising and solitary star; soon it would boast the moon, but she was yet beneath the horizon" (pg 290). 


Exercise #2: Are you familiar with all forms of figuartive language? If you believe you are, attempt to guess these examples from my new book!

  • "It shivered in my heart, like a suffering child in a cold cradle" (pg 345).     _____________

  • "He seemed to think it too good for common purposed; it was the real sunshine of feeling-- he shed it over me now" (pg 287). ________________ 


Exercise #3: Editing and Revising: Find the error and correct it!

  • "Soon after five p.m., we had another meal, consisting of a small mug of coffee and half a slice of brown bred" (pg 63). 

  • "If she did she need not coin her smiles so lavishly flash her glances so unremittingly manufacture airs so elaborate, graces so multitudinous" (pg 221).