Finding a publisher may be tough, especially in this day and age! I reached out to a number of publishers, but ultimately decided on Smith, Elder and Co, a small publishing company founded by George Smith and Alexander Elder. 

Before my autobiography was published the firm had not achieved much success.  Despite publishing my novel under a pseudonym of "Currer Bell", my book was a hit and the firm recieved much success! They even went on to publish the works of Robert Browning, George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, Thomas Hardy, Richard Jefferies, George MacDonald, and many others! If you've reached this step in the writing process congratulations!! You only have a bit more to go and with some faith and determination, I have no doubt you will succeed in getting your work published! 


Philip Norman (1832-1941) [Public domain]


Smith Elder and Co. is a publishing house based in London ( No. 15 Waterloo Place in London) Write to them with any inquiries!