Submitting a Final Draft

Once you've compiled your narrative you must begin the editing and revision process. Editing can be time consuming and boring, but it is necessary in order to have a successful final manuscript. Be sure to remember that a first draft, is only that: a first draft! The final project will be much more thorough and worked out! For example, I've included a before and after of just one passage from my novel for you to see how I edit and revise my own writing!


"He stood up rapidly, blood rushing to his face and fire in his eyes. He stood and made to reach out to me, but I left the room immediately." 


"Up the blood rushed to his face; forth flashed the fire from his eyes, erect he sprung, he held his arms out, but I evaded the embrace, and at once quitted the room" (pg 371). 


These sentences might not seem too different, but the latter is much more elaborate and well-thought out. For example, I use more descriptors so that the reader can obtain an idea as to what the man (Mr. Rochester) looked like at the moment. Furthermore, saying "I left the room immediately" is much too simple and plain. The reader's interest is captured more efficiently in the second phrase, especially with some added alliteration (Forth Flashed the Fire; and Evaded the Embrace).


See my page on Exercises to try out some examples for yourself!