Swelling Sea


Caitlin Kuhwald. Sketch for “Corpse.” Ink on paper. 2015. 


"The first represented clouds low and livid, rolling over a swelled sea; all the distance was in eclipse too; so, too, was the foreground, or, rather, the nearest billows, for there was no land. One gleam of light lifted into relief a half-submerged mast, on which sat a cormorant, dark and large, with wings flecked with foam its beak held a gold bracelet set with gems, that I had touched with as brilliant tints as my palette could yield, and as glittering distinctness as my pencil could impart. Sinking below the bird and mast, a drowned corpse glanced through the green water; a fair arm was the only limb clearly visible, whence the bracelet had been washed or torn." (pg149)