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UNH Civil Discourse Lab receives the Platinum UNH Sustainability Award!


We are honored to announce that this spring the CDL was nominated and chosen to receive the Platinum UNH Sustainability award for its efforts in being a champion in diversity, equity, and dignity for all in troubled political times by providing tools for productive civil engagement and giving students and community members the tools to conduct constructive conversations around important social issues.


One of the reasons why CDL was specifically chosen for this award is for “combining scholarly research for understanding diverse perspectives and opportunities for practical application,” Nadine Petty, UNH Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President.


The criteria for receiving this award is based on an organization or individual’s actions that follow the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which embrace a collective commitment to human dignity for all people and ecological integrity in all places, and emphasize the inextricable links between human dignity, ecological health, participatory democracy and intergenerational equity.


To watch CDL Co-Founder Professor Jennifer Borda accept this award and talk about the CDL and lasting impression the CDL leaves on alumni, please click here. (min 37:00-41:30).


To learn more about this award please view the UNH Sustainability Website Here