Joining the Civil Discourse Lab

Progression of CDL Student
lab students

Any student (or UNH alumni) from any major is welcome to "affiliate." To be considered a affiliate of the Civil Discourse Lab a student must attend at least one CDL approved event (as specified in weekly emails) and notify the Assistant Program Director that they attended the event. At this point the Assistant Program Director will begin tracking the hours the student commits to extracurricular learning & training as part of the Civil Discourse Lab. A students  affiliation will stay active until they graduate as long as they attend one activity per semester, unless they wish to stay on as an alumni participant. 

Progression of CDL Students
  1. CDL affiliates first participate in a CDL- designed or co-hosted event (as specified in the weekly emails)
  2. Affiliates will be trained by the CDL faculty or staff and have the opportunity to serve as a notetaker
  3. After serving as a note-taker for an event, affiliates will be approved and trained to co-facilitate
  4. Once affiliates are comfortable with the co-facilitator role, they may serve as the lead facilitator
  5. Students who logged significant hours in lab approved events are the first to be called on to facilitate for campus needs 
lab hours
  • Students who attend events, CDL trainings, note-take, or facilitate for campus dialogues/deliberation/civic participation events also earn Civil Discourse Lab hours
  • Students who achieve 25 hours of lab time will be honored for their service at the end of the semester by recieving a pin
  • Students who show an outstanding level of commitment to the Civil Discourse Lab and devote over 100 hours to the lab will receive an additional award
  • All students will receive a list of extracurricular courses & hours they participated in upon graduation
  • Events will be held at the end of each semester, featuring CDL alumni, detailing how to encorperate CDL hours within your resume 
cdl events
  •  Events are approved through the CDL & include campus lectures that we determine to be relevant to strengthening civil discourse (e.g., MUB Lecture Series, Sidore Lecture Series, OMSA Real Talks, etc.). Some, but not all events are orchestrated by the Civil Discourse Lab and often require participants, note-takers, and facilitators. Fulfilling any of these roles and any corresponding student trainings prior to the event counts as CDL approved hours. 
  • Affiliates will receive a weekly email announcing lab-approved events (contact the Assistant Program Director or email the Civil Discourse Lab directly if you would like to be added to the weekly email list)
  • Lab Fellows will take attendance at events to help you get credit for participation 
criteria for extra curricular activies 

Events that promote & understand equity & diversity, teach or allow for facilitation of dialogue, deliberation, collaboration, & mediation, or an event that deepens understanding of difficult & challenging topics. If you believe there is an event that meets this criteria that is not included in the weekly emails, please fill out the CDL Credit Request Form and email or give it to the Assistant Program Director to receive credit

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