Leadership Opportunities

By participating in a leadership position as part of the Civil Discourse Lab students earn valuable skills that are transferable to different aspects of their education, employment, and their engagement as a member of their community. Leadership positions are paid positions that work closely with the Civil Discourse Lab faculty. 

Lab Fellows

Civil Discourse Lab fellows have the opportunity to earn up to $500 (50 hours of service) per semester by increasing their commitment to the Civil Discourse Lab. 

Additional duties include: 

  • Lead facilitators at events

  • Conduct facilitator training

  • Interviews, & transcribe data

  • Have opportunities to lead on CDL projects

  • Collaborate on the design of deliberative dialogue events

  • Develop facilitation guides & facilitator training materials


Assistant Program Director

This is the premier student leadership position within the CDL. The student holding this paid position works closely with the CDL faculty and maintains the tracking of CDL affiliates, hours, events, and communicates weekly with students. 

Additional duties include:

  • Coordinating social media & publicity

  • Program design & lead project manager for select CDL events

  • Lesson planning & teaching facilitation training during office hours

  • Event planning & logistics for CDL events & guest speakers

  • Running facilitation debriefs & reporting back to directors

  • Attending meetings with outside stakeholders & Lab Directors for strategic planning 

  • Grant and report writing

  • Other needs as they arise 


Leadership Photo