Recent Presentations

Listening Across Diverse Perspectives

The Global Listening Center is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion of listening all over the world. In the summer of 2022, The GLC hosted a Global Listening Festival at Ball State University. Every day for a week, presentations were hosted on topics related to listening. 

Professor Renee Guarriello Heath presented on August 5th, 2022, on the topic of Listening Across Diverse Perspectives (video linked below).

Youtube- Listening Across Diverse Perspectives

We Need to Talk: Negotiating Difficult Conversations

The ability to navigate tough conversations is an important skill in your work, community, and personal life. Being able to do it well is difficult, and sometimes we’d rather ignore these conversations altogether. During this webinar, our panelists discussed rethinking civility, talked about why it's important to have challenging discussions and provided ideas to have meaningful conversations in your life. 
Civil Discourse Lab leaders also discussed the results of a recent Alumni impact study, including what our alumni are saying about the importance of such skills both in the workplace and in their personal lives. 

Engaging Civic Conversation in Art Spaces: An Innovation in Practice (Lydia Reinig, Alexa McNamara, Jennifer Borda)

This innovation in practice seeks to catalyze dialogic and deliberative conversations across difference in the context of university creative and performing arts centers. Specifically, our innovation suggests that art museums/galleries and theaters can serve as ‘third places’ (Oldenburg, 1999) for civic conversations while providing opportunities for collaborations that foster high-impact student learning—specifically, offering alternative modalities for cultivating deliberative pedagogy (Longo, Manosevitch, & Shaffer, 2017). Based on our work as faculty and student fellows with [university’s civil discourse initiative], we present a template for forums and share how we have designed and facilitated conversations around performances and visual art exhibitions.


Engaging Civic Conversation Powerpoint1.77 MB