Testimonials from CDL Students

Pop Lacey

Communication Major, Class of 2020

"Being a part of the CDL allowed me to open my eyes up to new experiences that I never could imagine. I have sat with doctors, police officers, scientists, citizens and listened to their concerns about domestic violence, climate change, and their community’s well-being. Being involved with the CDL gave me an opportunity to sit and listen to the concerns of these people and understand where their true values were. Being a part of the CDL also broadened my perspective on situations that I knew nothing about and gave me a better understanding of them. Overall, the CDL gave me an opportunity to better myself and allowed me to sit in on extremely important conversations! It was a great feeling knowing that I could be part of a change in some of these areas and that’s what kept me coming back and joining year after year."

Megan Ross

Communication Major, Class of 2020

"I joined the CDL to gain experience with public dialogue and mediating/facilitating difficult conversations. I was a part of it since the beginning and learned skills that I know I will use in my post-grad life. I gained valuable experience and attended many interesting and eye-opening events and because of my involvement, it helped shape my interests and goals for life after UNH. One of my favorite events was Stories and Voices of Immigration. It was very interesting to hear from people from different parts of the world with different stories about how immigration has affected them. I really enjoyed being able to hear these stories and see how this topic impacts people in different ways, as well as the problems and concerns that there are with immigration in our country. Without the CDL, I don't know if I would have gained this insight and interest about immigration in our world. The CDL taught me important skills that I will consistently use in my future."

Jacob Garner

Communication Major, CDL Fellow, Class of 2020

"Working with the CDL was one of the best decisions I made in college. I gained real world experience and skills like event planning and design, marketing ideas for events, recruiting for events, facilitating public dialogues and deliberations, and more. I know that the skills I learned and practiced in the CDL will help me stand out from other applicants in a job interview."

Carly Jilson

Communication Major, CDL Assistant Program Director, Class of 2020

"Joining CDL was the best and most comprehensive experience of my academic college career. I enjoyed my courses so much and wanted to be more involved, then I discovered CDL. The best part about being in CDL was the ability to bridge the gap between academics and “real life”. I learned in the classroom what I experienced in every facilitation, and that made me so passionate about the work we were doing... because I saw it in action and I saw, and felt that it WORKED in its purpose. I’ll value, promote, and love CDL for my whole life because of the experiences, knowledge, and connections it gave me. To be honest, nothing could perfectly explain everything that being in CDL did for me. It gave me so many amazing and influential people in my life!"

Emily Bourne

Communication Major, Class of 2020

"The CDL provided me with the space to not only make lifelong friends by being involved in a meaningful student organization, but also to learn how to critically analyze difficult topics and facilitate necessary conversations in an effective manner. I think that the understandings and skills that I have gained through my participation in the CDL will be extremely applicable to my growth and development as an individual but also as a team member in any professional setting. Thank you to the CDL for providing these opportunities!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds and how my experience with the CDL will positively contribute to my future endeavors."

Katherine Auger

Communication and Marketing Major, CDL Fellow, Class of 2020

"I loved working with the entire Civil Discourse Lab team. The CDL was such an amazing part of my experience here at UNH. I never imagined myself getting involved in something so meaningful, thoughtful, and impactful, and I'm so glad I was able to contribute to this fantastic lab. I've learned so much about myself, the community, and communication. I can, without a doubt, say that I use the skills I've gained from the CDL every single day."

Lauren WIlliamson

Communication Major, CDL Fellow, Class of 2020

"When I started here at UNH, I was sure that I would just be walking away with a degree and I would spend two years fending for myself. Being a part of the CDL and now being a Treat Fellow have profoundly affected my experience both at UNH and as a member of the academic community. I cannot find all the words to truly describe how thankful I am for the opportunities to work with you and study in your courses. Nor can I tell you how validating this first semester has been."

Sam Davidson

Communication Major, CDL Fellow, Class of 2019

"The foundation of the CDL has greatly reinforced my understanding of the concepts I have learned in my classes. Because of this program, I have confidence not only in my skills as a communicator and facilitator, but also in my ability to speak publically and demonstrate my leadership abilities in a respectful, inclusive manner, maintaining the dignity of those I engage with, a philosophy demonstrated and encouraged by faculty.”

Lucy Klemarczyk

Communication Major, CDL Assistant Program Director, Class of 2018

“Just wanted to share this with you. Classes like yours prepared me so well for the job I have...Nothing on my resume was worth my work with the CDL.”