Journal Entry 1

In this journal entry, I practiced writing a professional looking business email by making up a scenerio. In this scenerio, I had to be a made up company requesting a refund on a product that stopped working.

Dear K2 Refrigeration,
     Our organization, Looney’s Laboratory, has made an investment into your Model 1000 Commercial Refrigerator 6 months ago on March 5, 2018. It has been working flawlessly for the past months however we have ran into some issues concerning the thermostat.
     We have been using this refrigerator for storing research samples. Overnight, the thermostat failed and the temperature rose to over 48 degrees, spoiling the samples . We suffered a tremendous loss in money and time.
     Everyone in the lab has been properly trained in using the refrigerator and storing samples. The issue that occurred was because of the system failing over the weekend, an issue we never had before.
     I am reaching out to you to request a refund on the product. If possible we would like a replacement as soon as possible. The products of K2 Refrigeration are unbeatable and we would love to continue our business with you.
Thank you for your time,
Chris Looney
CEO, Looney’s Labratory
Phone: (978) 435-9888 Fax: (978) 435- 0762
35 Durham Rd
Manchester, NH 01234