More UNH Projects

Intro to Civil Engineering

In my intro to civil engineering class, I was assigned to design a bridge using given dimensions from the teacher. We were given a length and width of the bridge we had to design and nothing else. Taking these demensions, my group had to figure out a design that would cost the least but also be strong enough to support the weight it is meant to hold up. We were given a location where our bridge would be built and had to look up the codes for how much our bridge had to withstand regarding snow loads. From this and the load from people, we designed a bridge that would be able to support these loads.

Global Information Systems

In my global information systems class, we were given the project of creating a map of the UNH campus using ArcMap. ArcMap is a program used to create and design maps. For this project, we had to downoad a New Hampshire aerial map. Then we had to add roads, waterways and other information then design the map to clearly show the information on the map. The final product had to be designed to show all the information easily and be appealing to the eye.