Commission Members

Alphabetically by last name

Erik Anderson
Lobsterman & Groundfisherman, NH Commercial Fisherman's Association

Jay Baker
Oyster farmer, Fat Dog Shellfish Company

JD Bernardy
NH State Representative, District 16, Rockingham

Erik Chapman, Commission Chair
Director, NH Sea Grant

Steve Couture, Commission Secretary
Administrator, NH Coastal Program

Jenn Dijkstra
Research Assistant Professor, UNH School of Marine Science and Ocean Engineering 

Michael Edgar
NH State Representative, District 21, Rockingham County (Hampton, NH)

Tracy Emerick
NH State Representative, District 21, Rockingham County (Hampton, NH)

William Gannon
NH State Senator, District 23

Brian Gennaco
Oyster farmer, Virgin Oyster Company

Mark Godfroy
Captain, Eastman's Fishing Fleet

Jason Janvrin
NH State Representative, District 37 - Rockingham County (Seabrook, NH)

Alix Laferriere
Director of Coastal & Marine Programs, NH Chapter of The Nature Conservancy

Geno Marconi
Director, NH Port Authority

Melissa Paly
Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper, Conservation Law Foundation

Cheri Patterson
Chief of Marine Fisheries,  NH Fish & Game

Judith Spang
NH State Representative, District 6 - Strafford County (Durham, NH)

Sabrina Stanwood
Administrator, NH Division of Forests and Lands

David Watters
NH State Senator, District 4


Former Members:

Tom Sherman
NH State Senator, District 24

Renny Cushing
NH State Representative, District 21, Rockingham, NH

Dan Innis
Former NH State Senator, District 24

John Mullen
Former NH State Representative, Strafford County

Rio Tilton
Former NH Representative, Rockingham Country

Mark Zankel
Director, NH Chapter of The Nature Conservancy




Commission Membership Requirements

The members of the commission shall be as follows: 
  • Two members of the NH State Senate, appointed by the president of the senate. 
  • Three members of the NH House of Representatives, appointed by the speaker of the House of Representatives. 
  • The commissioner of the NH Department of Environmental Services, or designee. 
  • The commissioner of the NH Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, or designee. 
  • The executive director of NH Fish and Game, or designee. 
  • The chair of the Advisory Committee on Marine Fisheries, or designee. 
  • Two representatives of the aquaculture industry, appointed by the governor. 
  • One commercial fisherman, appointed by the governor. 
  • One recreational fisherman, appointed by the governor. 
  • The Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper. 
  • One representative of UNH Cooperative Extension in fisheries, appointed by the dean of Cooperative Extension. 
  • One environmental scientist from the University of New Hampshire, appointed by the president of UNH. 
  • One representative of the New Hampshire Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, appointed by the director of the board of trustees of the New Hampshire chapter.