CoRE COVID-19 Pilot Research Partnerships RFP - FAQ

April 20, 2020

CoRE COVID-19 Pilot Research Partnerships RFP: FAQ

(The questions below were discussed during two RFP “office hours” held on 4/15 and 4/17. A recording of the 4/17 office hour can be found here:


CoRE COVID-19 Pilot Research Partnerships RFP

Q: Where can I find a copy of the RFP?
A:; on the right panel, there is a section labeled “Competition Files” and a PDF of the RFP can be downloaded from there.


Q: Does the CoRE COVID-19 PRP RFP replace the CoRE RFP that was announced in February (proposals due 6/5/2020)?

A: No, the “traditional” CoRE RFP will be concurrently run. However, fewer funds may be available for traditional CoRE RFP due to the COVID-19 RFP.


Q: How many projects will be funded?

A: There is currently $150,000 available for the CoRE COVID-19 PRP RFP, which can fund up 5 projects at $30,000/project. If there are projects recommended for funding that do not request the full $30,000, additional projects may be funded.


Human Subjects/IRB Approval

Q: For projects involving human subjects, is IRB approval required when the proposal is submitted?

A: IRB approval is not required when the proposal is submitted. However, please contact Melissa McGee (, 2-2005) as soon as possible to discuss the IRB process and timeline. In addition, indicate in your proposal the IRB status; for example: not required/not human subjects research (as confirmed by Melissa McGee or other responsible party), new protocol already submitted/will be submitted for review, modification requested/will be requested to previously approved IRB (IRB # XXXX), etc.


Access to Campus Facilities

Q: Can we gain access to campus facilities (e.g., lab space, instrumentation) if a CoRE COVID-19 PRP project is funded on May 4?

A: If your project is funded, you will be eligible to file for exemption to the current campus restrictions. Your proposal should be written as if you are able to make full use of campus resources required for your project.


Supplementary Documents

Q: Are formal biosketches and Letters of Support required for proposal submission?

A: Please include NSF-style biosketches for the team leadership, but biosketches are not required for all team members. Recognizing the time constraints that so many are currently facing, Letters of Support can be any form of documentation (including email exchanges) indicating a collaborator’s willingness to participate in the project and their role.



Q: Is there a preferred mix of multi-institutional vs. intra-institutional partners for a proposal?

A: No. The priority is to clearly state the research question being proposed, the team that is best suited to conduct the project, and why that is the best team.


Q: Is there a list of other UNH researchers interested in COVID-19-related research and scholarship?

A: A list is under development and will be made available; in the interim, please contact Maria Emanuel.


Additional Research Funding and/or RFPs

Q: Can I submit a CoRE COVID-19 PRP proposal if I have also submitted an NHIRC proposal?

A: Ideally, each project should be distinct from each other. However, we recognize that this may not be possible and there are overlapping timelines for the RFPs. Be transparent in your CoRE RFP that you are also seeking funding elsewhere.


Q: Can I submit a CoRE COVID-19 PRP proposal as well as a CoRE proposal for the “traditional” CoRE RFP launched in February 2020 (proposals due 6/5/20)?

A: Yes, although you cannot receive funding from each RFP for the same project. You can be the PI or lead for a COVID-19 and traditional CoRE project, provided you have the availability to do so.


Q: Can I submit a CoRE COVID-19 PRP proposal if I have received CoRE funding previously or am currently CoRE funded?

A: Yes.


CoRE COVID-19 PRP Topics

Q: Is there a preference for proposals directly related to COVID-19 diagnostics, therapeutics, or other biological research?

A: No. It is very important that we understand the breadth of COVID-19-related research and scholarship interests and capabilities at UNH and welcome all proposals.


Q: If my idea does not fit into the list of suggested topics in the CoRE COVID-19 PRP RFP, should I still submit a proposal?

A: Absolutely! The topic is list is only to highlight the breadth of topics that are welcome but is by no means exclusive.