Research on Interdisciplinary Teams


Academic research included here delves into team science, facilitating interdisciplinary teams, and challenges to collaboration:

The Role of Land Trusts in Landscape-Scale Collaborative InitiativesChapter 6: Challenges of Collaboration by Margaret Macdonald

The CITRA Research-Practice Consensus-Workshop Model: Exploring a New Method of Research Translation in Aging by Myra Sabir et al.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science by Nancy J. Cooke and Margaret L. Hilton (Free PDF available to download)

Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education: A Practical Guide by Edward G. Derrick et al.

What makes for success in collaborative science? Focusing less on the science and more on the scientists by Jessica L. Bolin and Curt. C. Grimm

Measuring Collaboration Among Grant Partners by Bruce B. Frey et al.

Collaboration & Team Science: A Field Guide by L. Michelle Bennett et al.