Building Strong Organizations


As with building strong teams, there are resources to assist in building strong organizations.

Strategic Planning

Strategic plans define the overall mission of a program or center and provide a road map to get there. They can be an effective way to align the efforts of staff and faculty towards agreed upon goals and objectives. Strategic plans are also commonly used to communicate the value of the organization to stakeholders.

The NOAA Coastal Services Center provides a preplanning workbook to help organizations collect and share information: Preparing to Write Your Strategic Plan


Logic Models

Creating a logic model can help clarify the relationships between project goals, objectives, and outcomes, and it can serve as an effective communication tool for team members and stakeholders.

There are numerous logic model templates. One example can be found here; additional templates and explanations can be viewed and downloaded here.

A copy of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Logic Model Development Guide can be downloaded here.


Positioning a Center for Success

Positioning a Center for Success by Mark Milutinovich, director of UNH Large Center Development, about what it means to be a center at UNH, strategies for success, and center-level funding mechanisms. 


Strengthening Institutes and Centers

UNH has developed guidelines to develop, review, and sun set institutional centers and institutes. The UNH Center and Institute Toolkit includes information about assessing needs, effective management and metrics, and comprehensive reviews.