2020_Delyani_Elective 2

Another sustainability elective that I really enjoyed was Green Architecture. This class was taught by Clayton Mitchell; a UNH professor who also doubles as an environmental enthusiast. This class stood out to me because of two experiences: one of the most exciting field trips I have ever been on and an excel project. During this class, we took a field trip to a greenhouse that was being constructed right in Dover. It was a great learning experience because we were taught about the finances it took, how the materials for the house were chosen, and its solar panel system. Additionally, we also completed an excel project where we compared how much it would cost in the long run to live in a green home versus a traditional home. 

Overall these experiences, along with the curriculum of the course, taught me that green homes are far superior to traditional homes. They are less expensive long-term, they have a significantly smaller impact on the planet, and they improve habitants mental health and productivity. Subsequently, this class further confirmed to me how important sustainability is for our future. Sustainable methods could vastly lessen our carbon footprint and could improve individual’s mental health.