My sustainability dual major complimented my major by differentiating me from other applicants my age. It differentiated me because through my classes I gained knowledge that most other business majors were not exposed to in college. Subsequently what differentiated from other students is that I could talk about business while applying sustainability terms and also that I had experience working with other students from different disciplines. Already, I have been able to highlight these skills in interviews and was selected for an urban planning internship and research internship because of my unique skills. 

    Furthermore, my dual major experience has taught that I should always explore my interests. I signed up for the sustainability dual major program because I was interested in learning more about what sustainability was and how to have a positive impact on the environment. Subsequently, I gained so much from the program through meeting new people, learning about topics I would have never learned about,  and capitalizing on the skills I gained to further explore my interest in sustainability outside the classroom. As of right now I am unsure of how I will be able to apply my sustainability degree to my career. I am currently interviewing with offices that focus on recruiting and software for the healthcare industry. However, I am sure once I am hired I will be able to figure out ways to incorporate the knowledge I gained from sustainability. As of right now, I plan on working in a more business oriented field and depending on where life takes me I might switch fields and study sustainable agriculture. I have had some professional experience with sustainable agriculture and can see myself eventually wanting to leave business for a career in sustainable agriculture.