Personally, I have found the interviews conducted with staff to be one of the most impactful parts of this class. I have learned a lot about the limitations of growing a program at a major university. Subsequently, most of these issues are related to either politics or finances. Additionally, this project has taught me how difficult it is to grab the attention of people who do not already have a vested interest. Finally, this project has taught me that when creating a new program you have to "sell" it to others. In other words, marketing is a pivotal part in ensuring a new venture is successful. 

I want to remember this course as a great introduction to gaining some real world experience in marketing. Despite this being an academic course, I feel that it is more of a simulation where students are able to take what we have learned throughout college and utilize these skills in a professional setting. Specifically, I have felt that I have used knowledge that I have learned from both Paul and my sustainability major in order to conduct research on marketing tactics and working with individuals from other disciplines. Accordingly, this class has brought together my SDM experience because I have been able to put what I have learned about transdisciplinary work to the test. This includes, taking into account different communication styles and adjusting to different work styles. Finally, I have also learned that it is so much easier to work on a project that every group member is excited about. Most of my group projects throughout college have involved projects that many of the participants found to be uniteresting. This caused many of my group projects to have communication issues and different standards for final products. However, with this project the communication among members has been excellent and we have produced  final products that we are all proud of .