The Dao Research Lab, directed by Dr. Maria Carlota Dao, aims to improve understanding of the gut microbiome, diet (e.g., consumption of fiber-rich foods), access to food, obesity/weight management, and health disparities. Our current research examines the impacts of COVID-19 on the daily lives of NH Hispanic/Latino communities with regard to food access and security, dietary intake, physical activity, and psychosocial factors such as stress. 

Interested in joining the Dao Research Lab?

We are not recruiting student research assistants for the Spring 2022 semester. If you are interested in joining the Dao Lab, please contact us in April 2022 through the Contact Us page or by emailing our research coordinator at hannah.heselton@unh.edu

For more information about UNH's Nutritional Sciences graduate programs, please visit the Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems webpage.  Visit the UNH Graduate Admissions webpage to learn about general graduate admission and application requirements. 

Dao Laboratory in Rudman Hall

Our Areas of Interest

Given the complexities of nutrition, weight management, and human health, our research considers biological, psychosocial, cultural, and environmental determinants of health.

We aim to better understand the impacts of these factors on the gut microbiome, weight status, and access to nutrient-rich foods with special attention to minority populations in NH. 

What is the gut microbiome?